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Sunrise in Mambrui
Thanks @ omondiwamercedese
Pool side Kola Beach
Thanks @ me.cocoandco
Marriage proposal
Thanks @ Mildred & Cyrus
Golden Beach Mambrui
Thanks @ Veronica Ruggeri
viaggio italia @ kola beach resort kenya
Thanks @ Luca Paiardi and Danilo Ragona
Silvia Njoki Mambrui Kola Beach
Thanks @ Silvia Njoki
Quad ride by the Golden Beach of Mambrui
Thanks @ Francesco Ricci
Pool with jacuzzi Kola Beach Mambrui
Thanks @ itsannabi
Aperitif by the swimming pool
Thanks @ Carmine Capasso
Just cool people at Kola
Thanks @ Filippo Tofani
Smile please
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jacuzzi kola beach mambrui
Thanks @ Giulia Aciulli
Chilling by the jacuzzi
Thanks @ Sharize Odongo
Camels caravan on the Mambrui Golden Beach
Thanks @ Stefano Foglieni
Merry Christmas
Thanks @ Valerio, Mirko and Colomba
Little fishes are growing
Thanks @ Sara Centofanti
The palm at the center of our swimming pool
Thanks @ Andrea Albini
Reflexes at Kola Beach Resort in Mambrui
Thanks @ Sara Centofanti
Deep-sea fishing Mambrui Kenya
Guests coming back from a day of deep-sea fishing with a Marlin
Buffet by the poolside
Our chef serving a guest during a buffet dinner by the poolside
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Aperitif by the swimming pool

Thanks @ Carmine Capasso