• Kola Beach

In Kola beach, Covid-19 has no Space!!!

Kola Beach Safe Resort. Kola beach Resort. Good day you all read us. This year COVID-19 has put a strain on the whole world, unfortunately all activities have been affected worldwide. The world of tourism is not an exception. Unfortunately the covid-19 in addition to having created health problems, has created uncertainty,fear,anxiety , fear of traveling, fear of having contact with other people, uncertainty about . We were all found unprepared about the measures to be taken, even for lack of common indication. Kola Beach to grantee the maximum security has adopted vigorous measures to sanitize and remediation of all the private and common areas (Rooms, reception,restaurant,kitchen,laundry,pool and gardens). The personnel in charge in all sections are periodic subjected for testing (P.C.R). The sensitive areas are protected with glass barriers so as not to have direct contact between food and people. This is and will be our strategy to grantee that you have a Relaxing, serenity and safe Holiday. Corona virus hasn’t and will not find space in Kola Beach!!!. Thank you for choosing the Kola Beach Resort.

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