The best activities for exploring kenyan culture, land and traditions

What to do and see near Kola Beach Resort? A lot of things. It depends by your interests.

Mambrui, Malindi and Watamu are rich of points of interest concerning nature, history, culture and sport. 

Take a look to some of our proposals. At your arrival, you'll find a rich portfolio of half and full day activities to be experienced during your stay. 

Marafa Canyon

This spectacular canyon is formed by a depression resulting from the erosion of wind and rain along the centuries.

The local tribes instead believe that the explanation is very different and they will tell you the legend of the formation of what is called The Hell's Kitchen.

A guided tour into the canyon enjoying one of Kenya's most beautiful sunsets.

Blue Safari

A day exploring the Indian Ocean and its magnificent seabed.

You reach the Malindi Marine Park.

Here fishing is forbidden, so you'll see many kind of multi-coloured fishes diving in this natural aquarium.

After that you'll proceed with the boat along the coast looking at the Ocean, its coral rocks and the immense white beaches of the area.

The second stop will be where a lot of colourful starfishes are waiting to be admired and photographed with some giant curls.

Than you'll enjoy some hours of well-deserved relaxation after a fresh fish and lobster basis lunch.

Gede ruins

The fascinating and mysterious ghost town of Gede is dating back to the years of Arab domination.

The site of Gedi includes a walled town and its outlying area.

All of the standing buildings at Gedi, which include mosques, a palace, and numerous houses, are made from stone, are one-story, and are distributed unevenly in the town. There are also large open areas in the settlement which contained earth and thatch houses.

Stone "pillar tombs" are a distinctive type of Swahili Coast architecture found at Gedi as well.

Deep-sea fishing

The Kenyan coast is the best you could wish for great sport fishing. In this part of the Indian Ocean, depending on the weather, you can meet three different types of Marlin; the Blue, the Black, and the Stripped, and also the Sailfish, Yellow Fin Tuna, Barracuda, Wahoo, King Fish, Dorado and different kind of Sharks.
The departure is at the sunrise on fully equipped 10-meter cabin cruisers with experienced crews. Thanks also to the experience of our crews, deep-sea fishing can be practiced by anyone as you will be assisted in everything, the techniques to use will be explained and you will also have the satisfaction of catching some big fishes.


Sandy seabed and no rocks, wind 8 months in a year, kilometers of unspoiled beach, next to Che Shale, Kola Beach is a perfect kitesurf spot for who want to practice their favourite water sport without renounce to the comfort of a five star beach resort at the end of the day.

From July to September and from January to April are the best periods to practice kite on the Golden Beach of Mambrui.

Next to the hotel, kite school with storage and assistance service.

Quad biking

Five Polaris Quad are waiting for you to enjoy the wind and the saltiness on your skin and splashes of the Indian ocean on your face.

Discover the nearby mangroves and hidden villages during an off-road on the sand dunes where you will be immersed in fantastic scenery and unspoiled nature.

Camels riding

What about a gentle caravan of camels? Try to imagine: a long line of impressive and magnificent camels walking along the Mambrui Golden Beach, up to the beautiful sand dunes ending with an unforgettable sunset aperitif on cushions and carpets laid out by the camel driver.

It sounds good, isn't it?