The most exciting adventures and things to do around Mambrui

Our aim is to make you live the most authentic and complete experience to let you appreciate all the magic that Kenya has to offer.

Kenya is renowned for its extraordinary diversity of landscapes, animals and cultures, elements that offer several things to do and see that will enrich the memories you will carry within you forever.

Safari in Kenya

The Swahili word safari means journey, word of Arabic origin which entered the English language at the end of the 1850s thanks to explorer Richard Francis Burton.

It was 1836 when William Cornwallis Harris led an expedition to observe and record wildlife and landscapes in South Africa.

Harris established the safari style of journey: wake up at dawn, an energetic day walking concluding with a formal dinner and telling stories in front of a bonfire.


What's cool in or around Mambrui and Malindi?

Kola Beach proposes excursions and experiences to let you discover the magical Kenya, its treasures and traditions.

Mida creek for beach life and snorkeling, Gede ruins for History lovers, Marafa Canyon known also as the Hell's Kitchen with its misterious legends, one of the best kite surf spot in Kenya, camels and quad riding and much more.