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The secret of Airbnb's success on the Kenya coast

Not always the price makes the difference, not always if you pay more you get more, you do not always have to pay crazy prices for a holiday.

Sometimes you pay for services you will not even use (and sometimes you don't even know they exist) Choosing the best value proposition is not a breeze. Let's try to help you.

Hotels and resorts are complicated accommodations that have to offer a wide range of services to meet the needs of their guests. Depending on their target, these services change: for example, in an all-inclusive resort for families there will be services for children, such as the kids club, which would be ridiculous in a 5-star luxury for business men.

Airbnb, the famous booking portal for holiday homes, has focused on cutting off all superfluous services by offering, instead of hotel rooms, private rooms or entire private apartments that offer only the necessary and sufficient services for a holiday anywhere of the world. Obviously at a cheaper price than a hotel room.

But it's not only a money matter

In this wonderful speech by Joe Gebbia on Ted last year, the Airbnb co-founder tells of his first experience as a host, the emotions experienced by him and his guests and it is easy to understand the great success and fundamental values of Airbnb.

Luxury B&B Mambrui Kenya

Kola Beach Resort and its staff strongly believe in these values and try to transmit it in every interaction with the guests.

Our last offer exactly follows these guidelines by offering the necessary services but in our luxurious context and at an affordable price, maintaining our high quality standards. All ancillary services remain at the disposal of our guests who will be free to request them or not.

Of course, you can find Kola Beach Resort even on Airbnb following these links:

Looking forward to host you soon and let you experience what "be hosted" really means.



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