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We are painting green & blue Mambrui

Mambrui and environment lovers, unite!

Here we are doing great things, no small talks, we act and we roll up our sleeves.

Kola Beach has been trying to reduce its environmental impact for a long time, since the time of its construction. It was (or better, it will be) a long journey but never like this year we have achieved so important goals.


The property strongly wanted the installation of a purifier for the waste water to be exploited for the irrigation of our so lush gardens (now you know the secret!).

Since then, this process has never stopped and, over time and with the new opportunities that progress offers us, it has always been improved and constantly taken to a new higher level.

For us is a challenge!


One of the choices taken by Kola Beach Resort for the conservation of the Indian Ocean fish species was to not serve lobsters and bat-bat under a certain weight in our Gold 55 restaurant.

The attempt is to educate fishermen and intermediaries to let the smallest grow by not catching them.

Unfortunately, this process will be longer and more tiring, above all because the commitment is rendered null and void by buyers who do not miss the deal of cheaper price.

Anyway, we won't get tired and we'll keep trying with our idea of conservation and sustainable catering, of course, when it's possible.


During high season, Kaskazi-wind makes its presence felt blowing from the northeast to the southwest for approximately 4 months.

There was the need to protect our swimming-pool area from the sand brought by the wind.

After evaluating many projects which included walls, fences and numerous other barriers of various shapes and materials, we opted to plant several rows of casuarinas, which now give shadow to some sunbeds apart their wind-breaker use.

The results were so satisfying as to have planted a new line this year and several palm trees along the beach that one day will create a splendid effect in this oasis of relaxation.


Over the years, progress has given us the opportunity to reduce the impact that a large resort like Kola Beach necessarily has on the surrounding environment.

But the will is at the base of everything and, thanks also to the efforts of our suppliers, today we have access to products that help us significantly reduce the use of plastic.

Since December 2019, in fact, Kola Beach uses glass water bottles and paper straws, in addition, of course, to having abolished plastic bags as required by Kenyan laws.

These changes obviously involve considerable inconvenience, especially at the beginning, adjustments of procedures and training of the staff who support us with considerable commitment towards a greener and bluer Mambrui.


Looking out of the walls of Kola Beach, our staff too often finds itself having to give relief and support in the extinction of the typical bonfires of garbage that are repeatedly lit, both during the day and at night, in the nearby lands.

The rubbish is a serious problem in Mambrui, especially along the roads and the beach. The main issue (or the main excuse) for the Department of Environment who should collect it and for those who carelessly leave it everywhere, is where to throw waste.

The collaboration makes things possible, as demonstrated by Kola Beach Resort, Karibuni Villas and Luigina Bernini who, together, they built three large waste collection bins which will be placed in strategic places of Mambrui.

But this is just the tip of the iceberg of a project that, day after day, is becoming bigger and more important.

Thanks to the inspiration, the support and the suggestions given by Malindi Greenandblue movement, which organizes the clean up day in Malindi every month, even our beautiful and peaceful Mambrui will see, before dozens then (let's hope so) hundreds of people who, with rakes, gloves and bags, will clean monthly a different area of Mambrui and its beach.

The first #MambruiCleanUp will be held on Saturday 18th January 2020 from 8.00am to 10.00am, day of the inauguration of the two bins for the rubbish collection.

It's not over!

#MambruiCleanUp is supported by the environmental manager of the Sub County of Magarini Jimmy Yaa, the Assistent Chief of Mambrui Anthony Kahindi and many representatives of the various areas of the country. They will be informed in real time, through photos and reports on the Malindi Clean Up whatsapp group, about the level reached by the garbage in the bins, so as to be able to push the collection and the transport to Malindi by the competent authority.


Our goals are ambitious and they will need time and patience to be achived but the people

who are collaborating in this project are the right ones.

Once the bins will be placed and the monthly clean up day organized, Mambrui will need residents and citizens aware of the environmental, sanitary and economic problems that a correct waste collection can solve.

For this reason we involved in our meetings the leaders of local community like village elders and teachers who, with their authoritativeness, will assist us in this long long way to a greener and bluer Mambrui.

Here the article wrote in occasion of our last meeting on 17th Dec '19

and here the italian version of its article

Here below an overview of the project and our last meeting.

Looking forward to see you soon on the ground with us and with those who cares about our stunning Mambrui.


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