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Italy and Kenya, two countries closer day after day

Italy and Kenya, two countries closely in terms of tourism especially. Just look at how many Mzungu populate the coast during high season and how many, fascinated by the beauty of these places, have decided to become residents.

"The Italians are the largest expatriate community, at least three thousand in the high season, between hotel workers, owners of villas (2,500 properties in the Italian district of Malindi), occasional tourists and retirees who choose the Indian Ocean to spend six months of the year the sun" writes

Important factor in the country's economy. It is estimated that tourism is worth 12% of GDP compared with almost 15% of a decade ago.

Seeing this decline mainly due to the problem of "security" magnified, or rather badly publicized by the media around the world, local institutions run for cover with the important events that will begin this week.

Two official visits in the next few days to Italian Institutions: the President Uhuru Kenyatta to the President of the Council of Ministers Matteo Renzi and the County Governor of Kilifi to the Palace of the Lombardy Region.

President Kenyatta to Milan will present the Brand Kenya, official brand to promote the quality of a country that is growing by 5% a year.

He will visit, of course, the Expo and the stand dedicated to the cluster of coffee with the Minister of Tourism and Commerce Phyllis Kandie

Do you know that in the most important fair of the year they are building a running track to celebrate excellence of Kenya in this sport?

The Kenya Run Expo will be an event which includes a marathon of 10km and a Family Run of 3 km.

In the Palace of the Lombardy Region, however, are about to sign agreements on several important projects: improvement of services, infrastructure and image of the tourist areas of Kilifi County in the first place; the simultaneous promotion of Malindi and Watamu with the Kenya Tourist Board and, finally, exchange projects of tourism skills for the training of a workforce increasingly specialized.

The hotel and tourism world expects a lot and is confident of the results that these events will lead, through the efforts and cooperation of all.

We offer excellent services in a great country and, like everyone, we put heart and soul to create and maintain a desired tourist destination and, more importantly, that this destination deserves this consideration by tourists.

Your faithfully



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