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The Motor Club Malindi was born!!!

Finally the Motor Club Malindi is a reality.

The association was born out of the strong passion of Sergio Peroni, expert organizer of international motor racing competitions, Daniele Terzi, a former rally driver with several participations in such type of events, and Antonello Di Mauro, born in the world of cars and a great rally lover.

The Motor Club Malindi is an organization of sporting and non-sporting events.

Following the success reported in the first edition of the Malindi Meeting 4x4, we are now working on the second edition on 5th January 2020.

This will be an event open to everyone, cars, motorcycles and quads, experts and amateurs, values which the sport is based on.

The Malindi Raid 4x4 II Edition will last a day and includes a 200km off-road with special skill tests. The course was specifically designed, as in the last edition, in order to promote landscape and natural wonders of the territory without forgetting the competitive nature of the event.

Last year all the riders were out of breath at the beauty of the Marafa Canyon's landscape. We will see this year what will be the new area of tourist interest to explore on board of quads, motorcycles and 4x4s

Here below some pictures of the last edition

The flyer of the Malindi Raid 4x4 on 5th January 2020
Malindi Raid 4x4 II edition

The program


4th January 2020

9am - 12am @ Bar Bar (Malindi)

5th January 2020

8am-9am @ Bar Bar (Malindi)

5th JANUARY 2020 9am START @ Bar Bar (Malindi) 1.30pm LUNCH 2pm RESTART 6pm APPETIZERS & AWARDING @ Kola Beach Resort (Mambrui)

Registration venue

Bar Bar - Malindi

Kudu Travel - Malindi

Kola Beach Resort - Mambrui

Contacts +254 705 785262 / +254 705 350754 / +254 727 575950 Facebook: @motorclubmalindi

The coast has something new to talk about!


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