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Malindi Meeting 4x4 - 1st Edition

Passion for engines, wild nature, competitiveness and a great desire to be together.

These are the elements that made the first edition of the Malindi Meeting 4x4 great. A series of time trials for about 110km where the participants will parade towards the Sabaki river. From there to Mambrui will begin the tests, which include a first test Magarini-Marafa and a second one from the village of Gongoni to the beach of Che Shale.

malindi meeting 4x4

Organized by Sergio Peroni of the Peroni Race in collaboration with Kola Beach Resort, Karibuni Onlus, Bar Bar and Polaris, this amazing event on 13th January has attracted off-road vehicles, quads and motorcycles even from Mombasa.

Concerning the Car category, winners of the race were the Indian-Italian crew of Bilal Chaudri and Sara Centofanti, on their Toyota Mega Cruiser, while Panni-Gandellini won the Female one.

The Quad category was dominated by Fabio Colombo and his Polaris Scramble 500.

"A beautiful day of aggregation and fun - is the comment of the organizer Sergio Peroni - Event to be repeated surely over the years. For the first edition it was right to keep a low profile, next year we will look for important patronage and surely we will be able to organize something even more attractive and aimed also at categories of professionals".

Also because a meeting of this kind represents a way to make the territory known to those who have not yet visited all the places of tourist interest in the County of Kilifi, specially the Magarini subcounty which is attracting the interest of the Media, as we wrote in the article When a hidden gem is noticed.

Malindi meeting 4x4 2020

According to the success of the event and the excellent feedbacks received, we are already planning the II Edition which will take place on 4-5 January 2020 with a longer path.

Treasure hunt malindi 2019

Meanwhile, for those who can't wait, we are preparing a special event in town. Treasure Hunt Malindi on 18th August 2019.

Save the Dates!

We link you the official Facebook page of Malindi Meeting 4x4 where you will find the best images of the past event, the news, the new updates and any informations you need about the next ones.

Check the gallery of the I Edition with the best pictures of the event, share the article and stay tuned


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