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Make It Kenya: What is and how it works

Make It Kenya is operating: the new brand campaign introduced by President Kenyatta to the world in Milan in occasion of the Kenyan Week and the Kenya Expo Run, special events at Expo2015. With the brand, the Ministry of East African Affairs, Commerce and Tourism will promote Kenya's position as a global leader in tourism, commerce and investment.

But how? In the social media's new era, a massive presence on all the platforms is a must. Kola Beach had a round in all of them and invite all the interested to do the same. Just look for makeitkenya on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Flickr.

All the contents are focalized on sharing: pictures and videos about our “land of unlimited possibilities” and the Make It Kenya's official song by Kavi Pratt. is online too: the new digital portal which will support all the contents of the brand. The website's main topics are organized in leisure, business and social with an attractive and cool design.

We have successfully hosted global leaders, our athletes have taken on and beaten the world and people from around the world are preparing to join us in celebrating Kenya week at the World Expo so it is our collective responsibility and duty to support the aims and vision of our country.

The Make It Kenya campaign is one of a number of programmes that is being introduced to help secure our country’s economic prosperity for today and for future generations.” said President Kenyatta during his speech in Milan, and considering that the campaign started after President Obama's visit, at the opening of Expo's Kenya Week and before the Pope Francis' journey in Africa in November, there are the prerequisites for see all the positive effects bringed by Make It Kenya.

Thank you for read, support and follow us, always!

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