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Mambrui: more alive than ever

Kola Beach really loves and respects the land which hosts us. A not well-known land by tourists and by most of Kenyans too.

We did a sponsored twitter survey few months ago and we discoverd that, with a feedback of about 1500 kenyan citizens, almost the 70% doesn't know where Mambrui is.

According with this sad result, Kola Beach decided to change his marketing strategy.

Instead to concentrate our resources on “Kola Beach Resort”, first at all we have to focus on “Mambrui”, with it's Golden Beach, it's magnificent sand dunes and with it's historical and archaeological interest. Mambrui gained archaeological interest after a discovery of iron slags, iron smelter, jade green shard of porcelain and Chinese coin of an early 15th Century, the era of the Yongle Emperor during the Ming Dynasty.

On 14th March 2018, Tom Mwiraria of Daily Nation wrote the article “Mambrui: the disappearing town” which left all of us speechless talking about the location as a “ghostly town” saying that “this haunting town will no longer exist in the face of the Earth” citing the UNESCO Kenya National Seminar paper on Sustainable Coastal Development of 1997.

Well, we don't know about him, but we read the report which named Mambrui only once saying “the other group went to North Coast up to Malindi-Ngomeni where the main features are: the vulnerability of the sand dunes to coastal erosion in the Mambrui area; etc etc” which is very different by an ipotetical disappearance from the face of the Earth

Unesco report mambrui

We do not want to argue, but for sure there are a lot of people who are doing their best investing money, opening beach-bar, hotels & resorts, creating working opportunities trying to attract tourists and wealth.

Mambrui, for sure, deserves a visit for its Golden Beach. A wide and pristine sandy beach full of particles of pyrites which give those golden reflections the location is named for.

Some resorts, like the Kola Beach, are located on this beach.

A part from us, with our pools and Gold 55 Restaurant open to the public, Che Shale is a very cool place to visit. It's famouse to be one of the best kitesurf spot of the coast, with their kite school open since 1999 with kayak rental too. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!

As Kola, we want to show you the beauty of this part of coast, we want to show you this beach, we want you to see the several boats of fishermans every day moored here, we want to bring you inside the wild bush surrounded by uncontaminated nature, we want you to climb the magnificent sand dunes and bring you to have a barbecue close to beach.

And we want you to do all these things in the coolest way possible.

Two Polaris Quad are waiting for you to enjoy the wind in the hair, saltiness on the skin and splashes of the Indian ocean in the face. A round to the mangroves, off-road on the sand dunes and towards the inland where you will be immersed in fantastic scenery and unspoiled nature.


What about a fantastic caravan of camels? Try to imagine: a long line of 12 impressive and magnificent camels walking on the Mambrui Golden Beach, with which you will climb the beautiful sand dunes and your camel driver will set up for you an unforgettable sunset aperitif with cushions and carpets. It sounds good, isn't it?

These are just two of the news we are preparing for the coming high season.

These are just two of the amazing authentic experience you can enjoy in Mambrui.

Join us to see what else we are able to give you for an unforgettable holiday on the kenya coast.


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