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K24 Business Traveller at Kola Beach Resort in Mambrui

The story of K24 Business Traveller is actually focused on the italian community in Malindi, we would like to say that our italian knowledge about hospitality industry is however appreciate all over the world and we wish the same for african people. So we would like to thanks K24 for the opportunity to show to the local market our resort, the amazing beach and we hope this can be the place where kenyan's families and people want to spend their holidays or simply for a short break away from the crowded city.

FROM K24 CHANNEL: In this week's edition of the business traveller, we explore Malindi further

Did you know that the Italian language here is quickly becoming quote unquote, "the official language"? The Italian Embassy is the only foreign mission with a resident consul in Malindi to aid its population. It is believed that Italians now own more than 2,500 properties, and the number of Italian residents in Malindi town and its environs, estimated at over 3,000, is the largest European population in a single area compared to other European populations anywhere in Kenya.

Katika makala haya, twaagazia eneo la Malindi ambako, wakaazi wa hapa wameingiliana kwa ukaribu na watalii wenye asili ya Kitaliano, si kimavazi, si kimienendo, si kwa lishe na hata maongezi. Mercy Milanoi anatupa taarifa ya mji huu ambao kwa wengi umetajika kama “Italiano ndogo"


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