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When a hidden gem is noticed

We have known for a long time that Mambrui tourism is bound to explode.

Those seeking peace and tranquility will not stay in the chaos and the traffic, those seeking introspection and relaxation won't throw themselves into the crowd, as nature lovers for sure will not book their holidays among cement and buildings. This is quite normal. It all depends on what customers, or how we prefer to call them at Kola, guests are looking for.

sunrise by the pool side of kola beach resort

Few months ago we were writing the article Mambrui: more alive than ever about our pristine Golden Beach and what it can offer to our guests. Well, according with the boom of reservations, most of them Locals, for the Christmas' holidays season just passed, this area is getting noticed and appreciated.

A part from the guests and their feedbacks, we are noticing a growing curiosity and interest from the media for Mambrui, its beach and, in general, for Magarini subcounty.

Slowly slowly, thanks to the massive investments done, the high standard quality of services and the tranquility and security, the Magarini area "Is becoming the third-best tourism jewel and destination after Malindi and Watamu" as written in the article "Magarini emerges as the next tourism frontier" by Alphonce Gari on The Star newspaper of 9-10 March 2019.

The destination is key particularly for tourists wishing to have privacy and peace of mind away from their busy schedules back home" he continues fascinated by the charm that reigns in the air

One of the strengths of this area is that it's far enough from the bustle of the town but, if you want, you can reach it in 15 minutes driving. And not only Malindi. From Mambrui you can easly reach important and amazing tourist attractions such like the Marafa Canyon, the ruins of Gede and Robinson's Island.

Not least, the great importance of this beach among kite surf lovers.

We had even the pleasure to be shooted during an interview by the KTN News crew talking about the same topic.

Mambrui needs these kind of attentions. Lot of jobs need to be done and both The Star and KTN News well focused on them: roads, infrastructures and facilities.

From our side we will continue to work hard, assist the community and take our responsibilities about the environment according with our possibilities, hoping that the word of mouth about the beauties of Mambrui and its services will be spreaded to see this area reach the level of care and attention it deserves.

Anyway, read an article on a newspaper or watching the news about Magarini can't be compared with seeing these beauties with your own eyes.

What about Easter2019?

The next close occasion to spend some days at the amazing Mambrui Beach. Check out for our special rater for Easter holidays 2019.

Thank you for your attentions. Share the article and assist Mambrui to grow up.

Stay tuned.


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