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amason kingi at kola beach resort

The meetings of the Governor in Kola Beach throwing important bases.

"To share the great Kenyan Coast". With this important aim for tourism, economy and social life, the Kola Beach Resort was the scene of intensive political and strategic activity.

A week of meeting, discussions, agreements and memoranda with the Governor, Prefects, mayors and Local Public Officials.

In the notebook of the Governor of the County of Kilifi Amason Kingi, a dense network of events which ended last week and will restart soon, thanks also to the services and logistics of the beautiful resort of Mambrui and the hospitality of its owner (here in the picture with Kingi).

It is spoken mainly about safety, roads and infrastructure. Key elements for ensuring the consisting return of tourism, from all over the world.

Also Mambrui has a significant role in the development of tourism. Not only the Kola Beach has focused on the town at north of Malindi, even if it is the main sponsor (it was responsible of the police station, for exemple). Soon will resume the project of the Golf Club and the fact that his Excellency Kingi has made there his base, will certainly contribute to a revival of a natural marine paradise often undervalued, but with great potential and investment opportunities.


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